What’s the process?

This page provides you with information about the application process we are required to follow.

Step one


Consultation. In 2015 we asked our residential and business customers what they thought about Powerco and the value they placed on our services. That feedback was used to develop our investment plan. We consulted with you about our investment plan earlier this year. While Powerco’s formal public consultation on the plan has now closed, we are always happy to receive feedback on our performance at any time.

Step two

Review feedback and finalise proposal

After considering your feedback, we finalised the investment proposal for the Commerce Commission to review. Our proposal involves asking the Commission for what is referred to as a customised price-quality path (CPP), an option under the rules that oversee electricity lines companies such as Powerco.

Step three

Public notification for 40 working days

We were required to publicly notify our intention to seek a CPP 40 days before making a submission to the Commerce Commission.

Step four

Application to the Commerce Commission for a customised price-quality path

In June 2017, we applied to the Commerce Commission for a CPP so we could invest more money in the electricity network. Formal consultation closed in early March to give us time to reflect on customers’ feedback before the June deadline.

Step five

Commerce Commission decision within 40 working days

The Commerce Commission will decide within 40 working days of receiving a proposal whether it is complete. If the proposal is accepted, the Commission may engage independent experts to assist in the review process. The Commission will also consult with Powerco’s customers and stakeholders, and make our application available upon request to interested parties.

Step six

Customised price-quality path within 150 working days

The Commission must make a final decision and set a CPP within 150 working days after it has announced that the proposal is complete. During this time we will work with the Commission to answer any questions it may have. A decision is expected from the Commission before 1 April 2018.
A CPP regulation fact sheet can be found on the Commerce Commission’s website here comcom.govt.nz/regulated-industries/electricity/cpp/cpp-fact-sheet/